Welcome to the new era of dog food

It’s time to stop feeding your dog only single-shape ultra-processed kibble in a bowl full of diabetes

We doubt that you eat breakfast cereals all day




  • Most dog food is junk food

  • Dogs are mostly carnivores, but their diet mainly contains carbs plus nutritional value of this junk food is close to chocolate chip cookies. This leads to many diseases and high death rates in cancer.

  • Climate impact

  • There are over ninety million dogs in Europe, so together they are a bigger nation than Germany. As we know, Germans like sausage, beer, and sauerkraut, but dogs are even worse because they just want sausage.

  • Animal welfare

  • Our way of treating animals is inconsistent and unequal. We find puppies and kittens cute and at the same time mass murder billions of domesticated animals.

Five Letter Foods

Dog food that replicates the health benefits of raw food without
torturing animals and significantly decreases the carbon footprint in food production


Whole foods, variety, probiotics, veggies, no kibble


Lab-grown reindeer meat,
no slaughter, no factory farming,
no antibiotics

Climate impact

Less use of land and water,
smaller feed conversion ratio,


Red Fresh

Ingredients: Carrots, broccoli, beetroot, kale, ginger, blueberries, cranberries, lactic acid bacteria.

Why: Dogs (and wolves) are unable to digest fruits and veggies in their basic form. Wolves get them from the intestines of prey animals. Fermentation can be used to mirror the digestive process of prey animals simply by adding a bacterial culture. Not synthetic vitamins made by who knows how and where, but high-quality vitamins and minerals straight from nature.

Benefits: Gut (bacterial culture), coat (vit E & B), eyesight (carotenoids), antioxidants, reducing inflammation.

Brown Dogbucha

Ingredients: Brewer’s spent grain, reishi, dandelion, burdock, bentonite clay.

Why: A dog’s gut is his messaging system for the rest of his body. Everything a dog needs to grow, to survive and thrive, comes from the food they eat. One of the main components of digestion is a microbiome. Having a healthy and balanced gut microbiome is a great way to boost how much your dog gets out of the food they eat.

Benefits: Better stool, less GI problems, support immune system and proper digestion

Green Sea

Ingredients: Algae, natural salts

Why: Calcium deficiency is unfortunately very common today, and dogs need it to ensure good health and promote proper bone development. This shot also contains many other algae- derived nutrients, like iron, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s a wonder how small amounts of natural substances already do magic because their bioavailability is so high.

Benefits: Improve your dog’s skin, bones, and joints without the risk of vitamin overdose.

Toppers will soon be available online and at dog-friendly restaurants

It will take years for the first cultivated reindeer meat products to arrive at your doorstep, but we will keep you updated by showing videos of our trials, failures, test batches and actual production

Based on studies, already 20% of good stuff weekly makes a difference

This works in the desert

A whole carcass including organs, eyes, brain, bones and hair without cooking

Fresh food that contains essential amino acids, fats and trace elements

This works in the city

Only gently processed, raw meat, whole foods, enough variety, no fillers or extra carbs

Macro- and micronutrients available from fresh whole foods have the best bioavailability

This don't work for your dog

Ultra-processing kills nutrients, mega doses of one nutrient can upset your body's balance

The only benefit of a dry food and synthetic supplements is the convenience of the dog owner

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